The top cryptocurrencies in which to invest in 2023

The cryptocurrency market is trying to launch a comeback after a severe slump, and investors need to start concentrating on the best prospects for a rise. The top cryptocurrencies in which to invest in 2023.

It is crucial to focus on coins with the potential for significant growth and financial advantages while searching for the finest coins to purchase. Investors will be well-positioned for substantial gains when the bulls make a comeback according to our selection of the top 7 cryptocurrencies to purchase. Our best selection among these cryptocurrencies is MCADE, the native currency of Metacade. Since the project is aimed at the play-to-earn blockchain gaming industry and the metaverse, it is anticipated to experience rapid growth and offer significant returns to astute cryptocurrency investors.

#1 Metacade (MCADE).

In order to play, debate, and create blockchain games, players and developers may come together on the brand-new community-driven Web3 platform known as Metacade. The project’s ultimate objective is a community-built arcade that houses an environment for play2earn and create2earn.

Developers may get Metagrants through Metacade, a source of money that enables them to design the most innovative games. Similar to that, players may test and evaluate those games prior to their addition to the platform and profit from doing so. On the Metacade platform, MCADE may be used for governance voting, prize draws, competitions, staking, and other purposes.

P2E gaming and the metaverse are expected to be two of the hottest industries in cryptocurrency when the bull market returns. According to a Technavio research, the global gaming market would expand by $125.6 billion between 2020 and 2025. However, Bloomberg has increased their estimate of the size of the metaverse from $500 billion to $800 billion, indicating that it will grow much more. At the moment, blockchain is a better technology for hosting games, and Metacade is at the forefront of this development.

#2 Chronoly (CRNO) 

A new initiative called Chronoly (CRNO) is creating a decentralized market for high-end timepieces. Investors will be able to swap NFTs produced by the initiative for exclusive, high-end watches on the open market. Owners of CRNO tokens have access to additional benefits and can bet their tokens for an annual payout.

Additionally, Chronoly recently debuted the Chronocatz line of NFTs. These feline personalities have distinctive qualities and provide owners access to the Chrono Wealth Club. Additional benefits provided by the exclusive members club include entry to private NFT drops, auctions, and live parties and events.

With blockchain ownership, fractional investing, and improved pricing transparency, Chronoly intends to democratize the market for watches, which have long been a dependable investment. While commodities like gold are struggling, the Subdial 50 index is up almost 7% so far this year. Rare brands, like a Patek Philipe Nautilus, have increased in value by over 30%, and this project will provide actual assets to the NFT industry.

#3 Huobi Token (HT) 

The native token of the Huobi exchange is called Huobi Token (HT), and the investment firm About Capital Management just acquired this venture. Huobi has a 24-hour trading volume of about $400 million compared to Binance’s $8 billion.

Although HT is primarily centered and focused on Asia and the Pacific, the organization has intentions to expand globally. The project’s Asian-focused company can prosper and the growth ambitions could increase the price of HT. And the coin will likely see a large increase if China lifts its restrictions on cryptocurrencies. Huobi may not be the most well-known cryptocurrency, but it has promise.

#4 Propy (PRO)

A Silicon Valley powerhouse supports the digital real estate firm Propy. The company’s founders have worked for companies like Apple and Netflix. The startup wants to use blockchain technology to upend the real estate market. According to Propy, it has handled $4 billion worth of business for clients and representatives from Compass, Redfin, KW, Remax, Realty Austin, and ACME.

The use of blockchain to assist safe property transfers may have a lot of support. After the first NFT of a digital house sold for $500k with the introduction of the metaverse, the company’s future seems promising. A designer made Mars House, which is affixable to any metaverse’s land. That may increase the portfolio of Propy’s virtual NFT assets.

#5 Ripple (XRP)

A legal dispute with the Securities and Exchange Commission has prevented Ripple’s XRP token from being used (SEC). The accusation leveled against the creators of Ripple was that executive sales of XRP should be governed similarly to stock market trades. Due to the SEC’s court case beginning in December 2020, XRP was outperformed by other coins in the 2021 bull market. Investors avoided the currency since it was suspended from exchanges like Coinbase.

The legal and executive teams of Ripple have recently been highly upbeat and appear to believe that the SEC has no case. If Ripple wins, it may anticipate a significant surge in 2023. Right now, XRP trades below $0.50.

The initiative has now obtained significant speeches from a former SEC director that had been withheld, according to Ripple’s general counsel. “The struggle to obtain them was well worth it. Our legal fights have always made me feel good, and I now feel much better. Stuart Alderoty stated, “I always felt horrible about the SEC’s actions, and I feel much worse about them today.

#6 (STEPN)

A Web3 lifestyle application called STEPN combines SocialFi and GameFi functionality. The purpose of STEPN is to promote social interaction while assisting users in leading healthy lives. The first sports app developed on the Solana blockchain is the STEPN app. After purchasing NFT trainers from the marketplace, users may earn tokens by walking, jogging, or running every day. Users of the app may search for and dump treasure boxes while engaging in their activity, which adds a game aspect.

The Green Metaverse Currency (GMT) is the native token used by the STEPN platform to pay for transportation costs, while the Green Satoshi Token (GST) is used to pay for goods in the app. The project could be helpful as people explore the metaverse’s virtual world.

#7 Polygon (MATIC)

The future of Polygon (MATIC), an Ethereum rival, appears to be quite promising. The project is a Layer 2 scaling solution, allowing for increased scalability by running side chains concurrently with Ethereum’s blockchain. It is also faster than Ethereum and might be a problem for ETH as long as Ethereum gas prices are high. 2020 saw the addition of Polygon to the OpenSea NFT exchange, which offers a less expensive option to Ethereum listings for non-fungible tokens. The new zero-knowledge EVM (also known as zkEVM) from Polygon, which tightly integrates with Ethereum, may be the main factor in increasing Ethereum’s scalability. In 2023, all of stuff is scheduled to become online.

With more over $3 billion in Total Value Locked (TVL), Polygon leads all other Ethereum bridges, including Arbitrum, Optimism, Near, and Fantom. Polygon has been included in the Disney Accelerator Program and has a solid history of partnerships. Additionally, it recently announced alliances with KuCoin and Nubank, a fintech bank with 70 million users in Brazil, while prior agreements had been made with both Starbucks and Meta. According to the initiative, despite the present weak market, the network already has over 53,000 dApps, a growth of eightfold since the beginning of 2022.


In 2023, the cryptocurrency market could recover, and our choice of the top 7 coins to purchase offers investors variety and huge potential. While the prospects of some of them are undeniably bright, the course of others now depends on external variables.

Our favorite project among these cryptocurrencies is Metacade, which mixes play-to-earn and the metaverse aspects and may see widespread user acceptance as early as next year. Both investors and players will find the initiative to be quite appealing. Before those users come, investors should participate in the MCADE presale. Starting at $0.08, the presale price will increase from stage to stage. There are 9 stages in the MCADE. The cost will increase incrementally. Therefore, it is best to arrive early.

The best of the rest include STEPN, where users can earn for an active lifestyle Propy which can capitalise on virtual and physical real estate; and Chronoly, where luxury watches are tokenised, but the ultimate and best investment for 2023 is Metacade (MCADE).

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