Sony purchases Beyond Sports, a 3D animation studio to provide Metaverse

Sony, a global leader in entertainment and technology, has finished the acquisition of Beyond Sports, a business that specializes in leveraging real-world data to create 3D animation. Sony purchases Beyond Sports, a 3D animation studio to provide Metaverse.

With this acquisition, the business is allegedly now able to provide a whole metaverse experience for sporting events, replete with technology from other businesses currently in its portfolio.

Sony’s Acquisition of Beyond Sports Brings It Nearer to the Sports Metaverse

Sony is now entering the sports metaverse. The business just completed the acquisition of Beyond Sports, a 3D image and animation business with the technology to turn actual data from a sporting event into a metaverse depiction. The purchase price was not disclosed, but according to Nikkei estimates, it might be as high as $70 million.

This acquisition will enable the business to create material related to basketball, baseball, tennis, and football events in real-time using technology from Hawk-Eye Innovations, another business controlled by the conglomerate. Organizations like the National Football League (NFL) and National Hockey League have employed technology produced by Hawk-Eye Innovations, which was bought back in 2011. (NHL).

Sony might be able to produce a computerized, accurate picture of a field or a court with realistic ball and player movement by combining these two.

The Online Sports Industry

To provide audiences with these experiences, Sony may own another business that might cover the distribution vacuum. The business Pulselive, which runs a number of websites for sports teams and organizations, would be able to integrate these metaverse experiences on these websites, opening up a new revenue stream and attempting to spread the word about this innovative approach to sports.

Sony could possibly be able to provide metaverse matches through the distribution of their Playstation system range. Playstation VR 2, the virtual reality (VR) headset that the company is creating specifically for its system and will be available in February 2023, might be utilized to enjoy these metaverse experiences in an immersive manner.

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