JP Morgan Engages a Specialist and Researches the Metaverse at Great Length

The financial elite have continued to fall in love with the cryptocurrency business; in particular, the Metaverse is drawing in more influential figures. JP Morgan Engages a Specialist and Researches the Metaverse at Great Length.

Many central banks throughout the world are now studying CBDC and its implementation. Leading organizations in the sector have also accepted cryptocurrency in one form or another.

For instance, JP Morgan Chase has made strides to establish itself as a major player in fintech, crypto, and Metaverse. The American investment bank is searching for specialists in these fields as a consequence to strengthen its position in the market.

Now, the bank plans to expand its Technology, Media, and Telecom West Coast Payments division by hiring a Vice President and a Payments Business Development Manager. The JP Morgan Fintech, Metaverse, Crypto, and Web 3 divisions will be under the control of this group.

Job Listing For JP Morgan Chase On Metaverse

These job postings were made public by the investment bank on LinkedIn. The candidate must be active, inquisitive, and capable of driving the company’s different technical improvements with enthusiasm and effectiveness, according to the bank.

JP Morgan also reaffirmed the need for contenders who can position the business as the leader in crypto, the Metaverse, fintech, and crypto. In these industries, the VP and management must spot new payment possibilities and seize them before competitors.

By examining and comprehending the bank clients’ operational structure and crypto ambitions, they will also assist them in moving forward.

Relationship Between JP Morgan And Crypto

Remember that the CEO of the bank, Jamie Dimon, is opposed to bitcoin and has voiced doubt about the cryptocurrency asset. Everyone is shocked by this unexpected action because of this.

JP Morgan Chase hasn’t been all that eager to accept cryptocurrency. However, it’s demonstrated a lot of interest in Metaverse. Early in 2022, the bank published a research that foresaw the potential for a trillion-dollar industry for 3D virtual words.

Given that the bank’s senior executives showed little interest in cryptocurrency, the bank’s hesitation is not surprising. For instance, David Kelly, the bank’s chief strategist, warned cryptocurrency investors about imminent instability and a recession and that they sell their BTC holdings.

 JP Morgan Dives Deep In Metaverse, Hires A Specialist

Jamie Dimon, the CEO, frequently refers to bitcoin as being worthless. Even so, he urged investors not to grow their holdings. The CEO made the same claims about BTC being worthless and fools’ gold eleven months prior. Dimon then said that he preferred that regulators take action to stop it.

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