Competition to be a independent mortgage advisers is fierce

With more people enrolling in its brokerage academy, UK brokerage Just Mortgages believes the competition to become mortgage and protection consultants has never been fiercer. Competition to be a independent mortgage advisers is fierce

Just Mortgages runs a national academy program that teaches people who want to become mortgage brokers in a five-week course. The academy’s newest program, which will begin in September, has more than 1,500 people signed up for just 20 available positions.

“This latest academy has seen applications skyrocket and we’re attracting people from a variety of backgrounds, which is hugely positive for the future of the industry,” said Rodney Sloan (pictured. ), training director of Just Mortgages, said. “Our goal is to help people establish successful new careers as mortgage advisors and security guards, and we are very proud of the academy program we have developed.

“It’s great that our industry is so appealing to people looking for a new career, and I’ve never seen such a sustained demand, but rest assured we don’t compromise on the the standards we set and we don’t just provide the academy where the brightest and best candidates are. Just Mortgages says the academy program is tailored to the needs of the participants and flexible enough to adapt to the participant’s experience.

Those who do not already have CeMap1 will take a five-week course, the first of which is two weeks in which the focus is on obtaining their CeMap1 certification Those who already have CeMap1 will take part in the final three weeks, this builds on the CeMap1 certification These skills include developing an understanding of the sales process, how to build customer relationships, and effectively book questions to understand customer needs.

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